Helpful Hints and Tips for Course 2

Helpful Hints:

Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design Student Resource Center
If you need more flower nail templates, they are available from Wilton.

Parchment bags need to be folded at home and brought to class ready to use. Refer to page 7 of the Student Guide, or reference this video. Click “Watch Our Video”. Parchment bag folding begins at 2 minutes, 6 seconds.

You can use a parchment bag in place of disposable bags at any time. Using a parchment bag with your Royal Icing will keep the icing from drying out in the top of the bag. Plus, parchment bags are inexpensive and provide virtually no clean up (you just need to wash the tip)!

It is recommended that tips be washed with warm soapy water or wash in the dishwasher. Never use vinegar or soak your tips; it will ruin the finish on the tips.

You only need a thin coat of icing on the sides of a cake that will be covered with the basketweave technique.

To add color to small portions of your royal icing decorations, you can use Wilton FoodWriters. Use the Extra Fine Tip writers (also used in Course 4) for fine detailed work. Don’t press too hard on your decorations!

When planning the design of your cake, refer to pages 5 and 25 in your Student Guide. Page 5 will help you choose your colors. Page 25 will assist in choosing your overall design.

Royal Icing Info:

Here is the recipe for the Wilton Royal Icing (Stiff Consistency)

• Check out my Royal Icing blog for more information on making royal icing (RI).

• When making RI, it’s very important that all bowls, containers, tips and couplers are completely grease-free. Grease will break down RI and turn it into mush. Parchment bags are recommended.

• RI loses its stiff consistency over time, so make your RI as close to the time you need it as possible.

• To reuse RI that has lost its texture/consistency, beat on low.

• RI does not need refrigeration. Store your RI in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two weeks.

• Always keep RI covered when not in use.

• You can add 1/2 tsp. of Wilton flavor to the RI recipe (vanilla, almond or butter – not the candy flavors that are oil-based).

• If storing RI for more than a day, glass containers are recommended.

• Use white Wilton Cake sparkles to make your RI flowers sparkle! Put the sparkles on your wet RI flowers to get them to stick. Hint: Put the cake sparkles in a baggie & roll with a rolling pin to make it into a fine powder before using.

• Use white Wilton Pearl Dust on your dried RI flowers to make them shine! Use a decorator brush to dry-brush the pearl dust onto the flowers.

• To help dry the bottoms of your royal icing flowers made with the lily nail, the next day carefully score the foil on the bottom. Don’t try to completely peel off the foil until you give the bottom a chance to dry too.

• Use a cardboard egg carton to help you lilies and other flowers made with the lily nail dry without ruining the shape of the petals.

Remember, practicing at home reinforces what you learn in class and makes YOU a better decorator!

I want all my students to have the best Wilton class experience possible, and your feedback is welcome! If there’s anything you would like to tell me about this class – what you liked, anything you didn’t like, something you would like to see added to future classes that you want me to pass along to Wilton – please email me, mention this class (Course 2) and your feedback

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